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Artist Bio


Jemma Kahn is a theatre maker and artist based in Johannesburg. Working primarily in kamishibai, a form of Japanese illustrated theatre, Jemma has performed extensively both nationally and abroad. Somebody You’ve Already Painted Many Times from Memory is her first film. 



Somebody You’ve Already Painted Many Times from Memory

Fragments of a Portrait - Francis Bacon is an interview filmed 50 years ago between artist Francis Bacon and critic David Sylvester. I created a lip sync film based on this interview after being fascinated by the content for many years. Lip sync is traditionally a camp medium and I like that a camp undertone in this work jostles constantly with difficult intellectual concepts. Although when I set out to make Somebody You’ve Already Painted Many Times from Memory I had thought that the word would be the main focus, the starlet, of the finished work, it is the image, once again, that became much more important to me.  

Artist Bio

Chad Rossouw is an artist, writer, and a lecturer, based in Cape Town, South Africa. He has a Bachelor in Fine Art from Michaelis School of Fine Art (UCT) and a Masters degree at the same institution.

He has had two solo shows: 'A History of Failure' in 2012 at Brundyn + Gonsalves, Cape Town, and along with Charles Maggs, a show entitled 'Syndrome' in 2009 at Whatiftheworld / Gallery, Cape Town. He has been on numerous group shows, and examples of his work reside in the IZIKO South African National Gallery’s collection and the University of Cape Town’s collection.

Under the alias Robert Sloon he was founding editor of South African art blog ArtHeat. He has previously published in Art South Africa, The Mail & Guardian, The Big Issue, and has written for the London based Art Newspaper. He is the author of numerous catalogue essays, especially for young and emerging artists (see a collection of writing here). Chad is currently the editor of ArtThrob.

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